A big SPARK announcement

A big SPARK announcement

In early stages of planning SPARK events – I envisioned these transformational experiences that light the fire inside of women’s souls – fuelling them to start taking action in creating a life that are in love with, and inspiring them to use their own gifts to make a positive impact in the world. In addition to that, I wanted the event to be a fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds would go back to a non-profit. I felt that it was my way of “giving back”. The inaugural event did just that!

So when it came time to plan the second SPARK event in Portland this year, I decided to raise the ticket cost…by a lot. With such great success from the previous event, and doubling the quantity of speakers (with a some big names added to the roster) – I felt the ticket cost could be increased significantly…which meant we would be able to donate more money to the charity of choice.

The event launch was going ok…but something just didn’t feel right. My inner guide was trying to tell me something, and I couldn’t put my finger on what it meant. I couldn’t stop thinking about a particular woman.

Let’s call this woman Janet.

Janet finally feels like she is awakening to her true potential. She’s tired of living a life of mediocrity and is bursting at the seams to find/fulfill her purpose and make a difference in the world. There is SO much that she knows she is capable of…though she often feels alone and doesn’t know where to start or who can support her on this journey. Something inside of her is telling her she was born to make an impact and she is here for a reason. She’s pouring herself into self-development books and consuming as much content as she can to inspire her along her journey. This woman is ready to make a big shift in her life.

Then one day she sees an event on Facebook that feels like was made just for her. The speakers, the topics, the sisterhood…it’s just what she needs to SPARK the light inside of her.

But it’s completely unaffordable. You see, Janet is working a full-time job that she hates just to get by. She lives paycheck to paycheck and knows that she needs to break the cycle to get out of it…she just needs the motivation, support, and tools to help get her there.

This woman WAS me. When I was starting out, I would have given anything to be able to attend an event like SPARK…but there is no way I would have been able to pay over $1k for a ticket. An event like this could have given me the tools and support that I needed earlier along in my spiritual or entrepreneurial journey – something I was desperately desiring.

It recently hit me. My inner guide has been telling me that my way of giving back isn’t donating the profits of my event to a charity…but to make these events easily accessible to all women…regardless of how much money is in their bank account. I don’t care if women make less than $40k a year or if they have a six-figure plus income. If they are feeling called to be at a SPARK event – I want them there. This FEELS so good to me!

So sisters – I need to shake things up.

I would like to make SPARK available to more women by allowing them to pay what is in alignment with their budget. To get a ticket to SPARK, women now simply need to fill out a short application and share their “why” behind attending. Once accepted, they will be asked to make a donation of what they can afford.

My team and I are going to begin working our tails off to find sponsors to help fund the event as well (If you can think of a good business – please let me know). Any and all proceeds will still be going to a charity in the end as well.

I want SPARK events to change lives…to help change our world. Women are on the rise – and we have an opportunity to use our voice, our gifts, and our time to make an impact. This is just the beginning my friends!



Apply soon – these seats will sell up fast.

original post July 2, 2018

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