A Tale of Two Perspectives

A Tale of Two Perspectives

Today I got news that completely derailed my day. If I’m being honest – it sent me into a tailspin of overwhelm, frustration, sadness and self-pity.

My largest client called and informed me that “Great News”, he wants to bring me on his staff full time – giving me a prestigious “COO” title and salary. The kicker? I would no longer be able to work with any of my other companies/clients and I’d have to be in-office 5 days a week.

To his shock – I respectfully declined. I love owning my own business – which means I get to work with a variety of people, choose my own hours, and have the freedom of working from anywhere in the world. Something I am not willing to give up. “Unfortunately, that is what I am looking for”, he said. “I want someone in-house to run this business for me. If this isn’t something you want…I’m going to have to find someone else. I will no longer need your services as of the 1st.”

And just like that…POOF. A significant amount of income is GONE.

I spent the next 90 minutes feeling incredibly sorry for myself – soaking in a hot bath and mentally listing out all the negative ways this is going to impact my life. How am I going to afford XYZ now? Am I making a mistake? Am I crazy? There were ugly tears. Lots of ugly tears.

Completely lost in self-pity, I decided to do what historically sets my mind straight. I lit a Palo Santo stick, threw in my ear buds, and began to play one of my favorite meditation tracks. And just like that…it all became so very clear.

I’ve spent the last few weeks after the SPARK summit mapping out in detail what I want my life to look like…and getting very clear on what I want my business to look like a year from now. Through my platform (SPARK), I want to help women find their own spark through hosting extraordinary summits and workshops. I also want to help these purpose-driven women share their spark through 1:1 marketing coaching and hosting group programs and masterminds. No where in that vision did I tell the Universe I want to be the COO of an e-commerce company.

This isn’t a financial disaster…this is the next step in the creation of my dream life/business. It just came in a package I wasn’t expecting it to look like (been there?). Once I realized this, I quickly began assessing my emotions and energy. I know that the Universe does not define anything as positive or negative…it simply gives back experiences that reflects our energy vibration. Our thoughts are like a boomerang – what we send out comes right back to us. Where focus goes…energy flows. High or Low. Low vibration is created from emotions such as frustration, anger, bitterness, sadness, and a slew of others. These emotions can keep you stuck in a negative place because you will only attract what you are putting out. Negative emotions only attract more negative experiences. It can be an ugly cycle.

By shifting my thoughts and seeing this as a blessing, my emotions shifted as well. I began to feel joy, gratitude, love, happiness, excitement, positive expectation, hope…these emotions are super high vibration. Positive emotions only attract positive experiences. Boomerang #ForTheWin.

This loss of this client/income has now opened up space & time for me to do more of the work I am here on this earth to do! By allowing myself to serve more people who want to make positive impact…the ripple effect of change is going to be so much greater.

I’m sharing this story in hopes that you will take away the following:

Negative experiences can be your biggest blessing in disguise. Opportunity doesn’t always come the way we expect it to.

Instead of listing out or thinking of the downside of things…open your mind to the possibilities and positive outcomes. Our thoughts create our emotions. Emotions create our energy vibration. Our energy vibration creates our experiences, our opportunities, our reality. Once you realize that you are always in control of your thoughts (and therefore your emotions) – you can become a deliberate creator of your reality. Is it always easy? Nope! It’s a skill that gets stronger with practice. To create your dream life, you have to match the vibration of that life. So you better start practicing now!

If you feel like you are out of control with your thoughts – the easiest way to get back in control is through meditation. You do not have to sit cross legged for an hour humming or chanting to be “successful” at meditating. Sometimes it’s 5 minutes of deep breathing and relaxing music sitting in your car in the grocery store parking lot. Try out the app “insight timer” if you want a free library of some awesome guided meditations.

If you are a purpose-driven person who needs support cultivating a growth mindset or marketing yourself in an authentic (but prosperous) way – I now have room to take on 3 new clients! Email me at rachel@wearespark.us for more info.

Another day, another opportunity to learn from this amazing life! Now go out and make yours extraordinary.

In Gratitude,


CEO/Founder of SPARK International

original post October 22, 2018

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