Girl Rising

Girl Rising

I sat in the corner of the room, a fly on the wall of sorts at this past weekend’s Girl Scout outing. Mylie, my daughter, and some of her troop had volunteered to help run stations during camp for some younger troops in the area. I watched as she and her friends led groups, instructing kids how to form human knots and create relay races together. Teamwork was the topic, and the girls worked together to teach just that. Looking around the room, it hit me that among these girls was our next generation of leaders. Potentially a future President even. Did you know girl scout alums contribute to:

• Fifty-percent of women in the 115th Congress

• Seventy-three percent of current female senators

• Fifty-one percent of women currently in the House of Representatives

• Four of the six current female governors.

• Every female secretary of state in U.S. history is a former Girl Scout: Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, and Hillary Clinton.

Right now is an incredible time to be growing up a girl. Female leaders are on the rise and the opportunity for this generation to truly make an impact on the world is greater than any other generation that came before. Being female in the US specifically is is especially exciting. The rights that we have as women in our country are far greater than in many other parts of our world. At the last SPARK summit in September, Nasreen Sheikh, a former sweatshop child from one of the poorest parts of Nepal, challenged the women in the audience, calling them to step up and lead. “Women around the world are looking up to you. You need to lead the way in change for all women globally”, she had said. Those words struck me deeply and continue to ring inside of my head. It is a privilege and great responsibility that we carry…both of which I don’t believe most US women fully realize. Yet with great responsibility comes great reward. Rewards that have the potential to create ripple effects of impact that can affect women around the globe.

Watching these girls reminded me just how extraordinary females are as leaders. We are smart, creative, compassionate, strategic, and empathetic. Equal parts heart and brain, we can see the world in ways that our male counterparts often cannot. Yet for centuries, our skills have been suppressed and unacknowledged. After all, it was not long ago that a woman wasn’t even allowed to vote. I’d be lying if I said that nowadays we are treated as complete equals to men, it’s also incredible how far we have come. With more women entering politics, leading companies, building businesses, and stepping up as thought leaders – an energetic shift has been building in our country. Do you feel it? Do you sense that you yourself are here, right now on this earth for a reason?

Sister, you most definitely are.

Regardless of your religion, political party, heritage, sex, or sexual preference – there is no arguing against the fact that our country…our world…is in need of some major changes. Changes that demand that we listen to the call to rise up. Changes that require us to step up and lead. To not only create change ourselves, but as parents to raise future change-makers as well. If you are a woman – it means that playing small in your life is no longer an option…and you know if you are living below the potential that you have to offer the world. The feminine energy is rising – and it is no accident that you are on earth at this moment in time. It’s no mistake that your intuition brought you to reading this now.

Are you going to ignore it or are you going to finally say YES to the woman you’re meant to be? Are you going to help lead the next generation in creating lasting change? I hope you say yes.

The truth is, many of us see the magnitude of what needs to be done in our world and it causes us to pause, step back, and question whether real change is even possible. Is this even fixable? The media would like you to think that it isn’t. If you judge people’s potential solely by what you see on the news – you’d be deceived to think that there is no hope. This is the greatest of lies. Hope is everywhere. I see it people like my friend Rachel Rosen – who is doing incredible work traveling around our country teaching people about blind spots around diversity and inclusion. Hope is my girl Cosette Leary, who clawed her way up from welfare to working for The White House. It’s in watching my sweet friend Annabel Fisher’s message to women to make their one life count, even while striving to make her final days impactful at the end of a long fight with ovarian cancer. Hope is in every one of my sisters who I see raising kids, working a job, and striving to grow her side hustle…determined to build her dream business no matter what. Hope is in the eyes of these girls – our next generation of women who are being told that YES, you can make a difference. YES, you are worthy enough to lead. YES, you’ve got this girl.

I am still figuring out what my own legacy will be, but I know one thing for sure…I’m going to make this precious opportunity count. For me, for my children, for you, for all of us. For HOPE.

After all, I too was once a girl scout…and we’ve got a reputation to live up to.

With love,


original post January 7, 2019

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