An event by Maru Iabichela and Rachel O’Rourke

Get Ready for the Event of the Summer!

It’s time to head to Portland for the Summer Solstice Ya’ll!
Go on to Kayak, Travelocity, Expedia – block your calendar and call your nanny. It’s time to get prepared for the event of the summer! June 21st & 22nd is the summer solstice – the magical time of year when the most amount of light enters the day during the year – 200+ souls will be gathering at an amazing location to activate our magnificent power to show up in the world!

It’s time to stop:

Feeling like a fraud
Feeling not ready enough
Saving the best for last

Yes, it’s amazing to believe in the law-of-attraction, prayer, meditation, visualization, saging, chanting, yoga, and even yani eggs.

That’s all wonderful.

But none of it will do anything for you if you don’t get rid of your S*** and take action.

“How you choose to show up magnetizes what shows up for you”

Show Up Live

The only way to become a great coach, artist, entrepreneur, the best version of yourself is to JUST DO IT! You were born with everything that you need to accomplish all that you desire. Showing up is as skill that applies to EVERYTHING that you do in life. Believe us…it’s a skill.

Stop over preparing for what you were born to do! The credentials, certifications, and the experience are all phenomenal. Yet so many of use these as excuses for fear of stepping up and doing to work.

Meet Maru

International Speaker and Transformational Coach
She can’t believe she’s made it this far without knowing how to make oatmeal or pick up after herself! She said it herself. Dinners with Oprah, or speaking on stage with a rocket scientist in Luxembourg (yes, both really did happen) and she’s still the same. Down to earth, tries to be funny and break down complicated universal concepts so even a skeptic can understand. Authentic, real, and knows how to show up..with or without make up!

Meet Rachel

CEO/Founder of SPARK Events and O’Rourke Media
She’s the energizer bunny in human form – an expert in transforming ideas into action with a high level of energy and enthusiasm. She’s a marketing expert, a celebrity schmoozer, and superstar in the art of reinventing herself (which she has done plenty of times). Authentic, real, Rachel knows how to show up…with or without heels!

Rachel is a force to be reckoned with so I took the leap and went to her event. The stars were aligned and told me it was time to step out of my comfort zone. It was hands down one of the most incredible, empowering and life changing experiences. She truly causes you to get vulnerable, let go, and to figure out (and speak) your own truth…. With a bunch of strangers. It was a one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be told, but must be felt.

Danie Schwartz

One of Rachel’s many talents is event creation – like magic mixing in a cauldron or the best cocktail that has ever passed your lips – she has the ability to combine the right people, the right mission, the right message and the right energies to spark transformation in others.

Amber Jane Arquette

What you can expect


A neurological and visceral core shift in how others respond to you.


Expect major realizations, "aha" moments, some tears but mostly...FREEDOM.


Small mastermind group opportunties to discuss implementing tools for real on-site transformation.


The momentum you need to start showing up at the level you are meant to be living!


General Admission
Your ticket includes entry into both value packed days and the after-party on Saturday night!

Cost: Event Admission, General Seating, + After-Party = $197 or (2) for $297

VIP Mastermind Day
Ready to go deeper? Maru and Rachel will be hosting an exclusive VIP mastermind day following the event on June 23rd. This is a small group experience that nourishes the soul, spirit, body, and mind. Expect deep conversations over a much needed day of rejuvenation. We will begin by taking a private bus to the Columbia River Gorge and hike throughout the stunning trails, meditate beneath waterfalls, and picnic over breath-taking views. The day will conclude by gathering over a privately catered exquisite dinner in the city.

Cost: Event Admission + VIP Seating + After Party + VIP Experience = $697

MAX: 25

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