SPARK Portland 2018 Speakers

Rachel O’Rourke
Creator of SPARK events
Rachel O’Rourke is a wife, mom of four, owner of The SPARK Social marketing team, the founder of SPARK events for women, and blogger at The Flawed Females.

This is WHY I created SPARK:
1) I wasted a lot of precious time in my life feeling lost & stuck…in a marriage, in jobs, in LIFE.
2) I see wayyyyy to many women on the daily who feel the same way.
3) Women are incredible fucking leaders and SO many are sitting on this gift because they need their potential sparked.
4) live events are life changing – when done right. It’s one of the most powerful growth experiences. I’ve been to several that set me on the course of where I am today.
5) I have a gift for bringing together powerful speakers/facilitators under one roof and creating safe spaces for growth.
6) I want to make an impact on this world and I’m doing just that by birthing female leaders. TOGETHER we can change this world!
7) My intuition had led me here! I want to teach women how to tap into their own internal GPS.

😎 Because WHY NOT? Making this one life COUNT!

Mollie Openshaw
Owner of Mood Swing Wines, “Drink, Pray, Love” retreats, and Co-Orchestrator of SPARK events.

The journey of Mood Swing Wines has been about poking fun at menopause through delightfully tasting wines while providing a platform to inspire and encourage women to embrace this time in their lives. Mood Swing Wines has given Mollie the opportunity to travel globally and provide comedic relief on stage to thousands of women all the while with a glass of Memory Lapse Merlot in hand. Mood Swing Wines has become the exclusive wine at Harrah’s Las Vegas show & Menopause the Musical.

Whereas many moms fear an empty nest, Mollie embraced it. Feeling like it was time to start a new adventure, she utilized her entrepreneurial spirit and began both Mood Swing Wines. Her message to women of all ages especially those entering mid life is to “live vicariously through their own lives” re-create an extraordinary life and create your own adventures. Now is your time.

Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
Almost 30 Podcast
Almost 30 BIO:

After Krista and Lindsey moved to Los Angeles from New York City, we were emerging from the fog of their 20’s at a time of exciting, yet intimidating transition.

Through conversations and a growing friendship, they reflected on our lives, discussing our doubts and fears, and unanswered questions. In August 2016, they decided to create a place that would supply them and other 20-somethings with the answers that they had needed.

Almost 30 is an iTunes Top Five Health Podcast (and lives in the top 50 overall) for all things health, wellness, entrepreneurship, self-development, humor, and most importantly, honesty. Bringing on the dopest guests in a variety of industries, including top nutritionists, trainers, boss businesswomen & men, life coaches, comedians, actors, models, healers, spiritual gurus, and many more personalities.

They hope you learn a thing or two from their show that you can use to navigate any transition. And as always, thanks for tuning in!

Tune in for a new episode every Tuesday to hear their honest conversations.

Lindsey Simcik:

Lindsey Simcik is an actress, host of The Almost 30 Podcast, and a SoulCycle instructor based here in Los Angeles! The balance of hustle and flow in LA is the dream to Linds. She and her co-host, Krista Williams, met soon after Krista moved to LA and they have created a real, raw, and inspiring show that has an authentic, engaged community behind it! #Almost30Nation is growing every day because women all over the world are realizing that they are not alone, that they can empower themselves and others to be themselves as they navigate any type of transition. When she is not behind the mic or on a bike, you can find Lindsey singing to her plants, sleeping with crystals, working on her “Just Alicia” series on YouTube, in classes at The Groundlings and fit modeling for brands like Carbon 38.

Krista Williams

Krista Williams is a social media influencer and creator/editor of the blog, The Hundred Blog. Hundred as in ‘keep it one hundred” which is how she speaks to her audience and community – in a real, raw and authentic way through her travel, fashion and wellness posts. She’s also a host on The Almost 30 Podcast, which has grown into a community of badass individuals who meet regularly IRL through meet-ups all over the world. Almost 30 is consistently on the top 10 in Health Podcasts and top 50 overall podcasts on the iTunes charts and has had millions of downloads since it’s inception in September 2016.

She has been featured in Women’s Health, Self Magazine, Refinery29 and various other outlets as well as partnered with thoughtful brands like Airbnb, Adidas, and Free People through her work.

Michele Laine
Coach, Author, Speaker

Michele Laine is an Author, Speaker and Transformational Coach, who helps women discover their magic by helping them quiet their inner critic, stop self-sabotage, and prioritize their self-care to awaken their inner strength and beauty!

Co-owner of two businesses; Prescott Logistics, LLC and Laine Consulting Services, Michele felt a bigger calling to leave behind her previous world of accounting/finance and re-invent herself. She followed her passions into the health, wellness space where she worked with clients as a certified strength & conditioning coach as well as guiding them thru breakthroughs as a neuro-transformation results coach.

She is the author of her best-selling book ”Stronger Than The Storm: Proven Strategies, to Conquer Fear, Discover Strength, and Overcome the Unexpected” and founder of Inner Strength & Beauty , where she works with clients to transform and stretch beyond limiting beliefs; mentally and physically improving their lives; mind, body, & spirit.

Chantelle Adams
Professional Speaker and Creator of Shine Live

Chantelle Adams is a storytelling expert and public speaking coach. As a professional speaker, she has delivered over 800 speeches in just 5 years — in cities including Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Cancun, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. She now helps others tell their stories and turn their message into a movement.

Chantelle hosts an annual event called Shine Live for 180 women entrepreneurs who travel from around the globe to attend. She has been featured on the cover of Business Heroine, Event Head and Mindful Mavericks Magazine. She is also the founder of the Courage Collective Global Community, which is on its way to sharing 1 million stories of courage and raising $1 million dollars for charity.

Annabel Fisher
Authentic Speaker, Author, and Breakthrough Coach

Annabel Fisher is a No-Fluff Intuitive Breakthrough Coach, Self Care Crusader, and Authentic Speaker. She helps soul-driven change makers and light workers conquer overwhelm, comparisons, perfectionism and exhaustion, so they can force less, flow more, and make their one precious life count – every day.

She is author of ‘The Healing Game: Transforming Chronic Illness Using EFT’ and has worked with thousands of chronically ill clients from around the world since 2004. In August 2015, Annabel was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She wasn’t expected to live and her oncologist and surgeon have called her a ‘miracle’. Thriving through a diagnosis of recurrent cancer, Annabel has become skilled at surrendering to the unknown, living in the present, and mastering the art of doing nothing.

She offers BRAVE, a group programme empowering women to listen to, & follow, their soul’s calling while nurturing themselves, and making their one life count every single day.

Maru Iabichela
Speaker & Creator of Infinite Receiving

Maru Iabichela has been called “the Queen of Expansion” for her incredibly transformative work teaching women how to open up energetically, mentally and practically so they can invite in an avalanche of blessings and unstoppable prosperity.

Her flagship program Infinite Receiving has touched the lives of more than 300 Infinite Receivers who’ve used her paradigms to experience miraculous results in their lives and businesses.

She lives in a house she manifested in Dallas, Texas with her son.

You can find her on and @maruiabichela on social media.

Cosette “CoCo” Leary
Motivational Transformational Speaker
Certified Professional Coach

Cosette “CoCo” Leary loves to live out loud! She is a jubilant Speaker, Professional Coach, Author, and Educator who has overcome a childhood of poverty and abuse, raised four children through hard work and painful decisions, and has gone from surviving off of welfare benefits to earning her University Degree in, Public Administration graduating with the highest honor of, Summa Cum Laude while serving as a staff member in both a Senatorial and Congressional office.

Ms. Leary pulled herself out of poverty in order to show others how to do the same. She exists in order to breathe life back into impoverished communities, rekindle relationships across economic class lines and empower women.

“From poverty to a life of hope, from a life of hope to a life of service and prosperity! That is MY anthem!”

More about Coco

Jaya Rose
Transformational Speaker, Spiritual Coach, Essential Oils Educator.
Jaya Rose is a Transformational Speaker, Spiritual Business

Coach, Essential Oil Educator, Wife and Mama of two free-spirited girls!

She helps multi-passionate entrepreneurs package their magic and speak clearly to the world WHO THEY ARE , WHAT THEY DO and WHY THEY ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO IT- so they can create financial freedom and a massive impact along the way!

She believes NOW is the time to put your smaller self aside, play a bigger game and speak your truth in a bold and authentic way, Because the world needs badass women to have WAY more power!

Amy Lacey
Owner, Founder, and CEO of Cali’flour Foods

Amy is the incredible woman behind the explosive start-up company, Cali’flour Foods. Following a Lupus diagnosis, Amy was forced to give up a lot of her favorite foods and completely revamp her diet. Missing pizza – Amy hit the online DIY recipe scene and began perfecting what is a now-famous recipe for the cauliflower pizza crust. While heading up a massively growing start-up hasn’t always been easy – Amy has an entrepreneurial determination and strong gratitude practice that has built a multi-million dollar business from a devastating disease diagnosis.

Amber Jane Arquette
Energy Healer and Intuitive Essential Oils Educator

Amber Jane has the ability to do big work in the most gentle ways. She encourages old, unwanted energies to be release from your body and soul so that nothing stands in your way.

What’s most unique is this grace-given ability to talk to your spirit allies, your guides, the gods, the animals and unseen forces of light in your world. Having a deep, thoughtful conversation and they tell her exactly what you need in order to thrive.

She listens intently. They speak wisely. And, this “transmission” or “download” or “channeling” comes through her swiftly and easily so that you feel nurtured back into energetic health.

What broadens her offering is another gift – the plant kingdom speaks to her. That means you receive soul-level healing and a physical body remedy in the form of a custom essential oil blend to anchor in the cosmos and the earth together. This is what true grounding feels like.

Amber Jane will be speaking providing SPARK custom essential oil blends for each attendee and offering essential oil support for each speaker. Her work at last year’s SPARK Chico was nothing short of incredible!

Rachel Rosen
Creator of S.P.A.R.K Community and SPARK Leadership

Rachel is the Founder & CEO of S.P.A.R.K. Community, a fun, community-building card game that helps communities unleash their potential to spark connections, build trust, and ignite inclusion. By the end of 2018 she’ll have an Education Deck (for youth and schools) and our SPARK App will be accessible world-wide.

• She is also the Founder and Facilitator of SPARK Leadership offerings, which include a 10 Week Online Coaching Program, a 6 Month Mastermind, 2-6 Week Master Classes, and an annual retreat.
• By the end of 2018 she’ll be releasing a book about intentional leadership and courageous communication. Stay tuned!

Rachel is on a mission to spark a global conversation about inclusion, equity, and courageous leadership. With a Masters from Stanford, and extensive training in leadership, coaching, facilitation, and organizational development, everything I offer is grounded in theory and practice.

At SPARK Portland she will teach you how to uncover your blindspots and SPARK transformation in your relationships.

​Stephanie Steyer
Creator of Muse Boards & Muse

Stephanie Steyer is the creator of Muse Boards™ and the Muse Method. She works with clients to visually capture their dreams, desires and goals. Using her background as a creative professional with 35-plus years of experience as a graphic designer,

Stephanie works with individuals, teams, and corporate executives to guide them and help them remember their purpose and their mission. The Muse Board™ is a powerful work of art that visualizes and anchors their vision AND reveals the soul of the individual or organization.

“I inspire you to SEE your visions, your dreams, and your goals. Together we anchor them with a Muse Board™. Let me help you remember who you TRULY are.”

Stephanie will be taking us through a MUSE board exercise at SPARK Portland!


Kareen Mills
Host of the Motherhustler Podcast
Motherhustler Brand, Founder
Business Strategist
Kareen Mills is an Influencer on the rise. She was Made in the Philippines; born and raised by a mom entrepreneur. A “motherhustler” is exactly who she is; a dedicated Mother with 2 boys and a vessel delivering service to the world. She’s been together with her number one fan and husband Ty for over 13 years.

She believes that she can change the world faster by combining superpowers with other motherhustlers so she created the Motherhustler Podcast. The podcast’s mission is to mother the world one motherhustler guest at a time. It’s the only business podcast for mom entrepreneurs where each and every week she honors them and share their stories of how their building their business side by side Motherhood.

As a Business Strategist for the Motherhustler School she helps mom entrepreneurs get clarity, validation and valuation with who they truly are and how they too can begin to stand in their purpose without compromising Motherhood.

She’s the creator of The MOMS Method, a 12-week high intensity business program open only to 20 mom entrepreneurs. MOMS stand for Monetize, Optimize, Master and Sustain. It’s a program she wished she had when she hit a plateau in her past business ventures. The program is only open 4 times a year; January, April, July and October.

She is certain that if you want change becoming the change you hope to see is a great start but teaching the change you hope to see is what’s going to make exponential impact in this world.

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