Testimonials by those who have experienced SPARK events!

I went to Spark not really wanting to go, not really knowing what to expect. It was a weird moment in time for me. Rachel is a force to be reckoned with so I took the leap. The stars were aligned and told me it was time to step out of my comfort zone. It was hands down one of the most incredible, empowering and life changing experiences. Spark truly causes you to get vulnerable, let go, and to figure out (and speak) your own truths…. With a bunch of strangers. It was a one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be told, but must be felt. If you’re looking for something to awaken your soul, whether it’s professionally, personally or somewhere in between, take a leap and feel the spark! A sisterhood of inspirational leaders, friends and sisters! Get Sparked!

Danie Schwartz

My dream was to find that right moment in time when my dream would become REAL. Like so many of us, I often spent countless hours, days, weeks, months even years daydreaming about that magical moment when both me and my dream would become ALIVE and REAL!!! Well my faithful real life magical moment embraced me head on at SPARK! It was at SPARK that I took to my first stage mic in hand and became the Motivational Speaker that I was born to be!!! In short by being a part of SPARK, I got the real me and found my power to SHINE BABY SHINE!!!

Cosette “Coco” Leary

I attended the first ever Spark Chico hosted by Rachel O’Rourke in 2017. Rachel speaks with such sincerity and passion that it will leave you feeling full of inspiration, gratitude, and love. I highly recommend attending this event if you are in need of inner calm, self appreciation, or inspiration in your life. It was a life changing experience and I’m so thankful I was able to attend.

Danielle Vogel

Rachel came into my life at the perfect time, of course! I was given her name by a friend for coaching. It wasn’t the right timing for me for the coaching part of it, but I felt an immediate chemistry to her soul when I was talking to her on the phone. We connected, I was excited, I knew I would like to know more about her and possibly work with her someday, her energy was like no other. Coincidentally, she was putting on an event called Spark Chico. I had seen it on social media and heard about it, but couldn’t afford it, so wasn’t going to go. Without me mentioning any of that, Rachel offered to scholarship me. I was blown away, so grateful by her generosity and the gift the universe had brought to me in a little package called Rachel O’rourke. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend all weekend due to being out of town. However, I did attend the last day and was amazed at the energy in the room as I walked in. Every person in there was there to support one another, to build each other up, opening up to one another, vulnerable and feeling the light and love of one another. The speakers were so powerful, motivating, encouraging. Spark Chico is about empowerment, encouraging you to make your dreams happen, set your fears aside, believe in yourself. I left there a different person, realizing that anything is possible and there is a sisterhood of people, full of encouragement, positivity, Inspiration, and support, all with a common goal….To Live your best life, do and believe in things you never even thought possible! It all started with a spark, and that started with Rachel. She is like no one you’ve ever met and her energy is contagious! I am so grateful she came into my life and opened up a world I hadn’t seen before. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next!

Kerri Owens

It is hard to put into words how powerful that conference was….I have never experienced anything else like it! I am still feeling the effects and have been thinking about it since it happened..I really feel like the networking afterwards via the facebook page has kept the event alive is so many ways….seeing updates from everyone makes it feel like it is still happening, know what I mean? I love it, continues to inspire me! Can’t wait to see how this continues to evolve! Great work Rachel!

Tami McCalip

Rachel’s event Spark was one of my favourite events of the year (and I attended many!). Why? Because Rachel set the stage in the first minutes that this was a safe environment for us to skip the small talk and get real, honest and experience genuine connection by being ourselves. As a speaker I felt the receptivity of the crowd increase and the fun everyone experienced increase. It was just an absolute joy to witness her in her zone of genius and watch the result of that influence the whole room.

Allison Braun

Words don’t quite capture the magic of the SPARK event, but I’ll say this: your life will not be the same afterward. Your soul will feel fired up. You’ll meet and connect with both beautiful people AND reconnect with your self & your spark in new ways. You’ll walk away feeling inspired and motivated. AND you’ll have a sisterhood of support cheering you on. And that, my friends, is priceless.

Rachel Rosen

Last year I said yes to a last-minute invitation to attend Spark Chico. I was excited that a dynamic women’s event was happening close to my home. What I received out of the experience was so much more than I ever dreamed. Amazing women coming together in a supportive and friendly environment. We laughed, meditated, danced, cried. It was a magical two days of connection. Spark Chico provided the juice I needed to see that my genius, my contribution, is so important to add to the world. Within a very short time, actually within the first hour, we dove in deep. Trusting each other to hold the space for all of us to shine and grow. It was beautiful and inspiring. The heart-felt sharing from women around the country provided inspiration, as well as the group activities that bound us closer together. The entire event felt spacious and luscious and powerful. Thank you, Rachel, for creating this container for all of us!

Stephanie Steyer

The energy, vibe, authenticity, realness and awesomeness of this event is something you have to experience as its hard to describe! I enjoyed it to the fullest and got SO MUCH both as a speaker and attendee! What Rachel and the team created with SPARK is not to be missed! You’ll leave uplifted, inspired, motivated, hopeful, energized! All the good feels you need to get your life and business infused with prosperity and happy vibes! Do it … come see us next time.

Maru Iabichela

SPARK is not just a conference or one time event, it is a movement and a new way of connecting to other women in an authentic and life-changing way! The variety of speakers and topics offered touched a diverse group of women with different backgrounds and needs. This is an event for all women! There was a perfect balance of fun, music, dancing, inspiring speakers encouraging us to live our best lives, time to reflect through journaling & worksheets, meditation, amazing food, and plenty of time for networking and making new friends! Rachel provided a space that felt safe and fun, allowing women from all walks of life to connect and be truly vulnerable. The women I have met at the event have continued to inspire me through social media connections and I am now empowered to begin sharing my own story at a live event in the near future. This would not be possible without SPARK and I truly believe this event has changed the lives of many women and will continue to be a vehicle for personal healing and transformation for many women in the future! The world needs more of our SPARK and this event will empower you to become the best version of you and give you the tools to share this with your community and the world.

Tami McCalip

Spark Chico 2017 was a fabulous catalyst for me. I up-leveled both personally and professionally. I gained insight, transformation,opportunities, connections, friendships and multiple Sparks of creativity and inspiration! It was the most welcoming event I have ever attended. I had not met anyone attending and was welcomed with such an open heartedness I felt like I was with family. Spark will be on my calendar every year!!

Jade Rehder

Rachel is a one in a million gal. She amazes me in her ability to blend in with girlfriends and rub elbows with the famous. Her courage, bravery and confidence to be herself and follow her heart – no matter how crazy it seems or where ever she may find herself to be – leaves me in awe. I want that! Come rub my elbow a few more times! One of her MANY talents is event creation – like magic mixing in a caldron – or the best cocktail that has ever passed your lips – she as the ability to combine the right people, the right mission, the right message and the right energies to SPARK transformation in others. With her event Spark Chico, I was not only impressed that I had, fundamental, transformation – but that all who attended went through character transformation. What do I mean by character transformation – I simple mean BEING MORE OF WHO YOU TRUELY ARE. A gift I will cherish for ever! Thank you. I also mean releasing old ways of being that have held you back. I mean Sparking to life that vibrant, creative YOU that had been buried. I have been to many events (transformational ones too). But what Rachel brings is a special ability to allow the magic to happen, be an example, teach how to trust again and build a sisterhood of love. I believe Rachel can bring the best out in you, whether that be through her coaching or her event coordination or attending her next event. If you get a chance to work with Rachel O’Rourke, or just be influenced by her journey, you will find her energy (aka magic) with subtly change you forever.

Amber Jane Arquette

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