THIS is how you change your life

THIS is how you change your life

I was listening to an episode of Tom Bilyou’s Impact Theory the other day (a go-to high dose of inspiration for me) and he was interviewing a man named Garrain Jones. I had never heard of Garrain before – but apparently the man is one of the highest booked motivational speakers in the world. After hearing his journey…I understand why.

You can get the full spectrum of his story by listening to his episode here, but don’t go just yet – because he sparked something inside of me that I really want to share with you. While spending time in prison, Garrain learned something incredibly valuable that changed his entire life – The power of positive thinking. In fact, he ready the book “The Power of Positive thinking” over 200 times while doing time behind bars – and when he got out after 2 years, he used the power of his thoughts to create a new reality for his life. He followed his dream of becoming a performer and signed on with a record label. From the outside, life seemed to be pretty damn amazing. But it went downhill fast. He ended up sleeping out of his car for OVER TWO YEARS – playing a part for the outside world to see, but really unhappy and alone on the inside.

So WTF happened? He completely forgot about the lesson he learned while in prison – YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY. While locked up, he had a ton of time on his hands – time that he spent consuming positive content and purposefully cultivating a positive mindset. Then he got out, put this new way of living into practice and….viola! It worked! Until…until it didn’t anymore. He STOPPED working on creating positive thoughts.

This got me thinking about my own journey. Every single time my life starts going in an undesirable direction or I start to feel “off”…it’s coincides directly with the times I stopped prioritizing my personal development. Legit…every single time. I stop being consistent with my meditating, saying affirmations, consuming positive content…and shockingly – my life stops feeling like I’m creating it, and more like I’m a passenger in an uber-driver-from-hell situation.

Think about it this way. You decide to get your body healthy – so you cut out junk food and start consuming healthier options, right? Your body responds by losing weight, feeling energized, and looking fabulous. You did it! You can stop eating healthy now, right? Yea – no. Trust me, I’ve tested this theory too many times. You stop your healthy habits and the weight will come right back in full force. And this time, it will bring friends.

This is the exact same thing that happens with our minds. If you don’t INTENTIONALLY feed your brain with positive thoughts – your life will not end up how you want it to. There is no “cruise control” for positive thinking. You have to be hyper intentional when it comes to what you allow into your mind, or you will lose control of where the car is going and end up at a destination you have no desire to be at.

Here is a routine that I start my day off the same way (almost) every day. Before I allow any outside influence to take over my thoughts (social media, emails, news, etc), I do the following things:

I write down 3 things that I am grateful for right now in that moment. Example: The lowkey weekend I had with my family, a great conversation with a friend, really good coffee.

I write down 3 things I’m grateful for that haven’t happened yet, but I know will happen. Example: My NY Times bestselling book, SPARK International, and securing a meeting with someone I’ve been trying to reach.

I write down how I want to FEEL that day. Example: Relaxed, accomplished, healthy.

If I have any lingering negative thoughts or feelings, I write down 2-3 reframing sentences and say them aloud (important step). Example: Negative thought: I have SO much to do today, I’m feeling overwhelmed already. Positive Switch: I GET to do so many things today that are going to help me reach my goal! I am so blessed to have these tasks. *This exercise has to be done throughout the day whenever a negative thought creeps in.

I read positive affirmations from hand-crafted poster that hangs inside of my closet doors. Example: I am unstoppable. I am determined. I am intuitive. I WILL achieve my goals. DO NOT DISCOUNT HOW POWERFUL THIS IS! I know it sounds corny, but our brain believes what we tell it to be true. So take control and tell it what you desire.

They key to this is consistency. Just like eating healthy consistently gives us a healthy body – feeding our brain positive thoughts consistently will give us a positive mindset…which equals a happy life. You can not just do this once or every once in a while. It’s an everyday practice. Yes, sometimes you may forget and that’s life. But just like developing any habit, you can’t give up on this. It can and will change your life.



original post August 6, 2018

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