The #1 personal growth summit for women in the Pacific Northwest.

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“I highly recommend attending this event if you are in need of inner calm, self appreciation, or inspiration in your life. It was a life changing experience and I’m so thankful I was able to attend.”
Danielle Vogel
SPARK Attendee

What you can expect at the 2019 SPARK Summit

Out-of-this-world Speakers and Activity Facilitators

SPARK is known for having high-impact speakers, and this year we are bringing all new women to the stage to share their stories - including two junior speakers and one audience selection on each day! Keep scrolling down for more info on all of our speakers.

A High-Vibration Weekend to Remember

It doesn't matter where you on your life journey - if you are looking to up level your life and have fun doing it - you're going to love SPARK. From deep meditations to high-energy dancing (and everything in between).

A Group Manifestation Hynotherapy Session

Want to unlock the blocks to manifestation in your subconscious mind? (The Answer is YES!). Mary Lou from Life Guidance Hypnosis will be taking us through a group session to do just that!

Find your SPARK

We will spark the fire under you, but it's up to YOU to keep it going. Leave with your own set of motivational matches to keep the momentum of awesome moving after the event is over - and connect with other bad-ass women who are doing the same!

The Agenda

Join us for a Mood Swing Wines sponsored social hour the night before we kick off the event!  Located at The Alberta Space (5010 NE 9th Ave, Portland) from 6pm to 8pm.

Registration begins at 8:15am and we begin promtly at 9am.  Every moment of SPARK is packed with high-impact speakers giving “TED” style talks.  We will follow each speaker block with an activity (you won’t be falling asleep at this event!). Coffee and tea are provided.  You will get a 90 minute offsite lunch break to enjoy the incredible food of The Alberta Arts District!  

We don’t slow down for day 2!  We start at again at 9am and will wrap up the event at 5pm.  In addition to day 2’s speakers and activities, we will hold a special tribute segment to Annabel Fisher.  Attendees will have an opportunity to purchase her limited “Make Your One Life Count Cards” (only available currently at SPARK Events).

The energy, vibe, authenticity, realness and awesomeness of this event is something you have to experience as its hard to describe! I enjoyed it to the fullest and got SO MUCH both as a speaker and attendee! What Rachel and the team created with SPARK is not to be missed! You’ll leave uplifted, inspired, motivated, hopeful, energized! All the good feels you need to get your life and business infused with prosperity and happy vibes! Do it … come next time!
Maru Iabichela
SPARK 2017. 2018
Words don’t quite capture the magic of the SPARK event, but I’ll say this: your life will not be the same afterward. Your soul will feel fired up. You’ll meet and connect with both beautiful people AND reconnect with your self & your spark in new ways. You’ll walk away feeling inspired and motivated. AND you’ll have a sisterhood of support cheering you on. And that, my friends, is priceless.
Rachel Rosen
SPARK 2017-2018

Ticket Types and Prices

There are three types of SPARK tickets:  General Admission, Student, and Live Stream.  While we HIGHLY recommend attending live, we understand scheduling could prevent you from doing so.  Live Stream tickets are the next best thing!  You can watch from anywhere in the world, in whatever you want to wear, and you can view it live or as a recording.  General Admission and Student Tickets include access to the recorded conference.

Teen ticket*  While we feel it is appropriate to have a teen ages 13-18, we must emphasize that this is for emotionally mature young women.  There will be sensitive topics and maybe a cuss word or two.  Use your parental spidey senses and make the best decision for you.  Adult supervision required for ages 15 and under.

Live Stream ticket*  You will receive login instructions 24 hours prior to the event starting on September 21st.

The 2019 Speaker Line-Up

Bio – Rebecca is a personal power pioneer on a mission to remind people of their true power and how to use it to create the life they really want. After seeing her first love receive an unimaginable life in prison sentence she was left with a one year old and a life altering decision. Fold or Create? The answer was clear and Rebecca has spent the last 25+ years applying and perfecting her teachings through real life, sink or swim, nothing to something adventures. She has consistently used her truth and the processes and concepts she teaches to not only survive but THRIVE. She now inspires everyday people, business owners and entrepreneurs around the world to create their lives and businesses from the inside out. She is a dreamer who firmly believes that full accountability and un-offend-ability could save the world.
She is the founder of She’s Un-offend-able Podcast, creator of several online courses, speaker and a clarity coach that helps people see through their bullshit into empowerment.

Talk Title: Uncage Your Heart – The Art of Creating Your World from the Inside Out
Are you tired of life living you? I was. By 19 I had felt enough pain to last a lifetime. I was given a set of cassette tapes with information that changed my life. I will bring the audience on my journey of self-discovery. I will speak specifically to our innate power to create our worlds from the inside out no matter how that looks or feels to anyone else and how harness our own inner power to be exactly who you came here to be.

Bio – Ellen Yin is the founder & CEO of Ellen Yin Media, a boutique social media marketing agency with a proven record for generating visibility & leads on repeat to grow your business. Her clientele has spanned multi-million dollar brands, Fortune 500 executives, best-selling authors, TV personalities, e-commerce startups, and more. She has been featured on MTV and in publications like Glamour magazine, The Penny Hoarder, Women’s Health, and Her Campus.
Ellen is also the host of The Cubicle to CEO Podcast and creator of Cubicle to CEO, an online membership teaching women how to monetize their passions and build a profitable business – WITHOUT complicated marketing strategies. Add her on Instagram @missellenyin so she can Insta-stalk you and become your new biz bestie!

Talk Title: From Cubicle to CEO: The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Creating Your Dream Career
The story of how I left my 9 to 5 without a backup plan & built a six figure business in one year with no website, leads, or marketing budget. I will be speaking specifically on how the entrepreneur’s secret (learning to “pivot & persist”) applies to not only creating the dream career you want, but also the dream reality you want (with examples of times in my life when I pivoted & persisted to turn a failure into my desired outcome).

Bio – Kathy Haan is an international success and business mentor, podcaster, blogger, and agency owner. She has an MBA from Purdue University Global, and her work has been featured in media like Forbes, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, HuffPost, and more. As a blogger, she also gets to work with some of the biggest brands in the world – like Amazon, Best Buy, TripAdvisor, Walmart, Target, and more. She lives in Iowa with her husband and three children.

Talk Title: Turning Your Trauma into Triumph: Kathy shares how to claim victory over your trauma and how to use it as a tool to serve as life’s greatest catalyst.

Bio – Amanda Faith calls beautiful Northern California home along with her two sons. She is a behavioral therapist with a background in youth counseling. She is also a cancer survivor and vulvar cancer awareness advocate. As a life coach she blends her education and life experience to inspire clients to live their best lives and walk in their personal truths. As an end of life coach she teaches clients the steps to take to prepare for the inevitable while living with joy and making every day count.

Overcoming victimhood and recognizing behavior patterns in ourselves and others so we are able to set healthy boundaries. I also focus on how our own perception and triggers influence our relationships. How choosing to heal both physically and emotionally raises our vibration.

Talk Title: Standing my ground.

I often spent countless hours, days, weeks, months even years daydreaming about that magical moment when both me and my dream would become ALIVE and REAL!!! Well my faithful real life magical moment embraced me head on at SPARK!
Cosette Leary
SPARK 2017-2018
I have been to many events (transformational ones too). But what Rachel brings is a special ability to allow the magic to happen, be an example, teach how to trust again and build a sisterhood of love. I believe Rachel can bring the best out in you. If you get a chance to work with Rachel O’Rourke, or just be influenced by her journey, you will find her energy (aka magic) with subtly change you forever
Amber Jane Arquette
SPARK 2017-2018

Bio – Marli Williams is an interactive keynote speaker, leadership activator, courage cultivator, joy instigator, confidence catalyst, and possibility creator who first fell in love with transformational leadership as a camp counselor. Two degrees and 15 years of facilitation training later, Marli decided to give herself permission to be the “Professional Camp Counselor” she knew she was born to be. Now she helps incredible people stop waiting for permission and start taking bold action to be the leaders and changemakers they’ve always wanted to be. To learn more about Marli, go to www.marliwilliams.com

Talk Title: The Confidence Cure – How to Overcome Self-Doubt so You Can Play Full Out

I believe that one of the biggest things holding women back from what they really want is having the confidence to believe in themselves and that they are worth it. Confidence is the cure to self-doubt, fear, anxiety and overwhelm. My mission during this talk is to share 3 specific things we can do to overcome self-doubt so that we can play full out in every area of our lives.

Bio – Clarice Connolly is Exuberance, Empathy, Authenticity, Charisma, and Wisdom personified. By profession, she is an Accountability Coach who supports individuals in moving their business aspirations, personal goals, and even to-do lists forward through emotional intelligence and accountability. Her passion project is empowering those in the Herpes community who are living lives of survivalism and fear to shed their shame and jump into an existence filled with LOVE, balance, and Self-Actualization.

Clarice has experience with ACA, and is an advocate for breaking the stigma and being a beacon of hope and possibility for those in the Herpes community through a local support group she hosts. Her mission in life is to support others in cultivating an acceptance of what is in tandem with an awakening to what can be.

To find more about Clarice you can find more about her on www.EmpoweringWomen.Coach or through Facebook.com/claricecocoaching

Talk Title: Healing Shame. Clarice Connolly will share about her experience contracting Herpes and how it became the catalyst to living her most authentic life. Her talk will have you seeing where you too can drop the shame in perfectionism & become unapologetically you! 

It was hands down one of the most incredible, empowering and life changing experiences. Spark truly causes you to get vulnerable, let go, and to figure out (and speak) your own truths…. With a bunch of strangers. It was a one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be told, but must be felt. If you’re looking for something to awaken your soul, whether it’s professionally, personally or somewhere in between, take a leap and feel the spark!
Danie Schwartz
SPARK Attendee
I left there a different person, realizing that anything is possible and there is a sisterhood of people, full of encouragement, positivity, Inspiration, and support, all with a common goal….To Live your best life, do and believe in things you never even thought possible! It all started with a spark, and that started with Rachel. She is like no one you’ve ever met and her energy is contagious!
Kari Owens
SPARK Attendee

Bio – Emerald Norman has strived to embody positivity, strength and courage in the face of adversity and loss. Born to hippy parents who named her Emerald Starlight, she has learned to shine through dark times finding strength in personal growth and positivity. After 18 years in the sales and retail world she is transforming her life into one that serves a deeper purpose and higher calling of healing through various modalities. 

Talk Title: Love Loss and Liberty. There is so much more love available to us than we can even imagine. When the worst thing in the world happens to you, you can either fear everything or fear nothing. My daughter Liberty Rain died suddenly in 2017 just before her 13th birthday. I share with you my healing story of love, loss and Liberation. 

Bio – This could be YOU!! 

On both Saturday and Sunday, one person from the audience will be selected each day to get up on stage and share their story for ten minutes. 

How this works: We will share the steps to submit the week prior to SPARK Portland 2019.

This is an opportunity and experience you don’t want to miss out on!

Junior Speakers

Bio – Arianna is a 16 year old inspiring {early} collage student. She is a also a daughter, sister, friend. Over her life she has learned a valuable life lesson, with the guidance from her Mom, to always follow her intuition.

Talk Title: Following your Intuition Description: The little and big lessons that I’ve learned that has helped me to listen and follow my intuition, trusting that everything happens for a reason

Bio – Mylie Stokesis a junior high 12 year old girl who lives with her family (including her mom, Rachel O’Rourke) in Portland, OR. As a mil girl growing up in a changing world, Mylie’s generation is seeing the peaks and valleys of what it is to be a female in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Talk Title: TBA

Activity Facilitators

Jade Rehder – L.C.T., M.A.
Jade will share a KLEAR Channel® Experience to support you to Unleash Your Potential. More on KLEAR jaderehder.com/about-klear

Amber Jane – The SPARK Spiritual Adviser and Energy Healer
Amber Jane will be treating the audience with her tibetan bowl sound healing and well as providing essential oil support. Find her at amberjanehealing.com

Mary Lou – Hypnotherapist
Mary Lou will be leading a Manifestation Group Hypnosis Session. For more information, visit her at lifeguidancehypnosis.com

Lizzy Russinko –
Lizzy will facilitate “(Y)OUR WORDS”, a powerful journey for all in attendance to explore their intention, choose (and share!) a guiding word, and contribute to a *live* handlettered SPARK art piece! Learn more at https://www.thisunscriptedlife.com/

SPARK is not just a conference or one time event, it is a movement and a new way of connecting to other women in an authentic and life-changing way! The variety of speakers and topics offered touched a diverse group of women with different backgrounds and needs. This is an event for all women! There was a perfect balance of fun, music, dancing, inspiring speakers encouraging us to live our best lives, time to reflect through journaling & worksheets, meditation, amazing food, and plenty of time for networking and making new friends!
Tami McCalip
SPARK 2018
Spark Chico 2017 was a fabulous catalyst for me. I up-leveled both personally and professionally. I gained insight, transformation,opportunities, connections, friendships and multiple Sparks of creativity and inspiration! It was the most welcoming event I have ever attended. I had not met anyone attending and was welcomed with such an open heartedness I felt like I was with family. Spark will be on my calendar every year!!
Jade Rehder
SPARK 2017
Rachel’s event Spark was one of my favourite events of the year (and I attended many!). Why? Because Rachel set the stage in the first minutes that this was a safe environment for us to skip the small talk and get real, honest and experience genuine connection by being ourselves. As a speaker I felt the receptivity of the crowd increase and the fun everyone experienced increase. It was just an absolute joy to witness her in her zone of genius and watch the result of that influence the whole room.
Allison Braun
SPARK 2017

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